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The Legal Rights of Union Stewards by union attorney Robert M. Schwartz is the most popular legal manual used by U.S. labor unions. It explains rules that apply to grievance investigations, employer information requests, Weingarten Rights, fair representation duties, midterm bargaining rights, and other important labor law topics.

Many unions buy copies for all of their stewards and officers. Bulk order discounts are available.

Also available as a two-disk CD—learn while you drive!—and in a Spanish edition under the title Derechos Legales de los Delegados de Sindicato.

Chapter Topics

The National Labor Relations Act

The special status of union stewards

The grievance process

Right to information

Weingarten rights

Midterm changes

Duty of fair representation

Other federal labor laws

Samples of Questions Answered:

When can you call your boss a liar?

Can a manager warn you for soliciting grievances?

Can a criminal conviction bar a union member from running for union office?

Can a union settle a grievance without the employees' consent?

When a company adopts a drug testing policy, does it have to bargain with the union?

Can a steward be sued for slander?

How can the union obtain the personnel records of supervisors?

Do Weingarten rights apply when an employer telephones an employee?

Can a union be sued if a steward fails to file a grievance on time?

Can an employee settle a grievance privately with management?

Can an employer adopt a new work rule without bargaining?

If a union argues that an employee has been unfairly disciplined in comparison to treatment given to others, can the employer increase the discipline given to the other employees?

If an employer plans to change work duties of an employee, must it bargain with the union beforehand?

Can a steward advise a worker to refuse a job assignment?

Can a supervisor tell a steward to “shut up” during a grievance meeting?

Praise for
The Legal Rights
of Union Stewards

“This is an extremely useful and readable book, not only for stewards but also for union leaders. I heartily recommend it for all labor education programs.

—Robert J. Pleasure, Executive Director
George Meany Center for Labor Studies (AFL-CIO) Silver Springs, MD

“These books have been instrumental in breathing new life into my local and how we do business with our company.”

—John Burns, IAMAW Local 725

“This book has saved dozens of jobs of our members and helped to train our shop stewards.”

—Jim Kidwell, AFSCME Local 374

“What a Godsend this book has been to me! The original edition has been my bible for several years. I was delighted to find the updated edition.”

—Michael S. Bentley, Teamsters Local 481

“Thank you for your books and your work. The books are wonderful. We make good use of them out here!”

—Ray Wagner, USWA Local 9231

“I have been enjoying your book. I wish I had this some time ago. I would like to commend you for the knowledge you have passed on. It will help me become a better, smarter, more effective griever.”

—Robert A. Morin, USWA Local 1219

“I really value your books. I have a special appreciation for your FMLA Handbook since I just completed negotiating a policy with a school district.”

—Jeffrey D. Lewis, PSEA

The Legal Rights of Union Stewards has been a lifesaver. The stewards from the different trades on this construction site want their own. The Midwest needs this stuff bad.”

—Stephanie Miller, Pipefitters Local 464

“When to argue, what to say, what laws to use and how to use them. This book will make you into a super steward!!! Management will not try any of their shenanigans after you use this book!! One steward of understanding can cause a hundred management of strength to tremble. This book will give you that understanding.”

—Sam, Detroit Teamster

“This is a must-read book for all union members. Our boss really hates this book. He can no longer back us into a corner. He does the backing now.”


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