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Work Rights Press is happy to announce that we will soon be part of the Labor Education and Research Project (LERP), publisher of the popular Labor Notes magazine.

As of October 1, 2017 all telephone and mail orders for Work Rights Press books and laminated cards should be sent to the Labor Notes Detroit office (see address below). Online orders should be sent to the Labor Notes store (see address below). As of the same date, the Work Rights Press office in Somerville, Massachusetts, and the Work Rights Press online store, will stop taking orders.

Labor Notes will be a worthy keeper of the WRP flame. Labor Notes has consistently worked to put “the movement back in the labor movement.” Its monthly newsletter, “troublemaker” schools, workshops, books, pamphlets, and bi-annual conference are widely respected.

Labor Notes address: 7435 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48210

Labor Notes online address:

Labor Notes online store:

Labor Notes telephone number: 313-842-6262

Labor Notes fax number: 323-842-0227

With deep appreciation for being able to serve the union movement for the past 30 years,

Robert M. Schwartz, author

Nick Thorkelson, illustrator and designer

Cathy Schwartz, office manager

John Stonebarger, editor

James P. O’Brien, indexer

Work Rights Press publishes the books of veteran union labor lawyer Robert M. Schwartz. These books explain labor law in a reader-friendly manner and are sold at prices considerably below what others charge for legal materials. Further savings go to unions that buy in bulk (25 copies or more). Work Rights Press can meet emergency delivery requests for conferences or classes.

Since 1987 unions and other readers have purchased over 1.2 million of our handbooks. Some unions buy copies each year for new stewards, officers and staff members. Many university labor studies programs use the handbooks in courses.

Note to purchasers: Due to book seller Amazon’s anti-union policies, Work Rights Press does not supply books to Nevertheless, Amazon sometimes obtains copies of our books from third-party distributors. If you order from Amazon rather than directly from Work Rights Press, you may or may not receive the latest edition or revised publication. Moreover, you will not be able to take advantage of the bulk rate discounts available to unions ordering 25 books or more. Further note: Bulk rate discounts are only available for direct orders made by mail, telephone, or fax, not through our online store.

The Legal Rights of Union Stewards

New! The sixth (2017) edition of The Legal Rights of Union Stewards is now available. This classic handbook explains rules that apply to grievance investigations, information requests, Weingarten Rights, midterm bargaining rights, and other important labor law topics. The fourth edition is available as a two-disk CD and in a Spanish edition (Derechos Legales de los Delegados de Sindicato.).

Sample chapter: The National Labor Relations Act (“The NLRA declares collective bargaining as an official policy of the United States.”)

No Contract, No Peace: A Legal Guide to Contract Campaigns, Strikes, and Lockouts

Our latest publication vividly explains the crush of rules regulating economic warfare in the U.S., and the creative tactics that help unions win. No Contract, No Peace is a thoroughly revised and updated second edition of Strikes, Picketing and Inside Campaigns (2006).

Sample chapter: Mounting a Dynamic Contract Campaign (“Creative and aggressive tactics can demonstrate the solidarity and resolve of union members and their willingness to act.“).

Just Cause: A Union Guide to Winning Discipline Cases

The first thorough examination of union contract disciplinary principles since Carrol Daugherty issued “The Seven Tests of Just Cause” in 1965.

Sample chapter: Equal Treatment (“The just cause standard is incompatible with favoritism or discrimination“).

The FMLA Handbook: A Union Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act

A practical explanation of the rights of workers under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

Sample chapter: Snapshot (“The FMLA allows employees to take up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave each year for medical or family reasons.”)

How to Win Past Practice Grievances

Assists union representatives in identifying past practice violations, making grievance presentations, evaluating whether to file for arbitration, and filing labor board charges.

Sample chapter: Equal Treatment (“A failure to adhere to an implied agreement is as much a violation of the contract as a failure to adhere to a written provision.”).

The Labor Law Sourcebook

Full texts of the 20 most important labor laws including the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Praise for
Work Rights Press books:

“I've been to union schools for over 30 years, taking labor relations classes at Lansing Community College, but the best labor education I've ever had was your book: The Legal Rights of Union Stewards. I was the past president (I retired in 1997, but still work with the union free of course). We represent Lansing and nine other cities. I had filed at least three ULP's when I was president dating back to the Jimmy Carter era and all were dismissed. I never felt we'd be successful if we appealed.

Now the good news: Since studying your book and reading the NLRB decisions, the NLRB has issued complaints on two of our charges. We won both cases!

Your wonderful book should be required study for all labor union locals.”

—John Abel, NALC

“These books have been instrumental in breathing new life into my local and how we do business with our company.”

—John Burns, IAMAW Local 725

“This book has saved dozens of jobs of our members and helped to train our shop stewards.”

—Jim Kidwell, AFSCME Local 374

“What a Godsend this book has been to me! The original edition has been my bible for several years. I was delighted to find the updated edition.”

—Michael S. Bentley, Teamsters Local 481

“Thank you for your books and your work. The books are wonderful. We make good use of them out here!”

—Ray Wagner, USWA Local 9231

“I have been enjoying your book. I wish I had this some time ago. I would like to commend you for the knowledge you have passed on. It will help me become a better, smarter, more effective griever.”

—Robert A. Morin, USWA Local 1219

“I really value your books. I have a special appreciation for your FMLA Handbook since I just completed negotiating a policy with a school district.”

—Jeffrey D. Lewis, PSEA

The Legal Rights of Union Stewards has been a lifesaver. The stewards from the different trades on this construction site want their own. The Midwest needs this stuff bad.”

—Stephanie Miller, Pipefitters Local 464

“When to argue, what to say, what laws to use and how to use them. This book will make you into a super steward!!! Management will not try any of their shenanigans after you use this book!! One steward of understanding can cause a hundred management of strength to tremble. This book will give you that understanding.”

—Sam, Detroit Teamster

“This is a must-read book for all union members. Our boss really hates this book. He can no longer back us into a corner. He does the backing now.”


“Anyone who is a union official has most likely heard the name Robert Schwartz and used one of his books to frame an argument or defend a member. His book The Legal Rights of Union Stewards is standard training fare for all newly elected stewards in my union, the Communications Workers. His other books on past practice, FMLA, and strike campaigns are all must-reads for any officer who wants to be informed and prepared to fight for the members.”

—Review for Labor Notes by Charles Borchert, Business Agent for CWA Local 1298

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